Normalisation of Life

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1. cuddle

to hold somebody/something close in your arms to show love or affectionsynonym hugA couple of teenagers were kissing and cuddling on the doorstep.a young couple kissing and cuddling on the sofacuddle something (+ adj.) The little boy cuddled the teddy bear close.


2. oversee

to watch somebody/something and make sure that a job or an activity is done correctlysynonym superviseUnited Nations observers oversaw the elections.


3. circumstantial

(law) containing information and details that strongly suggest that something is true but do not prove itcircumstantial evidenceThe case against him was largely circumstantial.


4. jointed

having parts that fit together and can movea doll with jointed arms/legs

5. providence

God, or a force that some people believe controls our lives and the things that happen to us, usually in a way that protects ussynonym fateto trust in divine providenceShe believed her suffering was sent by providence.


6. runaway

a person who has suddenly left or escaped from somebody/something, especially a child who has left home without telling anyoneteenage runaways living on the streets


7. notional

based on a guess, estimate or theory; not existing in realityMy calculation is based on notional figures, since the actual figures are not yet available.


8. affix

affix something (to something) (formal) to stick or attach something to something else


9. complacent

complacent (about somebody/something) (usually disapproving) too satisfied with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not feel that any change is necessary; showing or feeling complacencya dangerously complacent attitude to the increase in unemploymentWe must not become complacent about progress.


10. nick

[noun] a small cut in the edge or surface of somethingHe had several nicks and scars on his cheeks.

nick something/yourself to make a small cut in something

He nicked himself while shaving.


11. mystify

mystify somebody to make somebody confused because they do not understand somethingsynonym baffleThey were totally mystified by the girl's disappearance.


12. rascal

(humorous) a person, especially a child or man, who shows a lack of respect for other people and enjoys playing tricks on themCome here, you little rascal!I hear the old rascal’s been causing trouble again.What have the little rascals been up to now?


13. glisten

(of something wet) to shineHer eyes were glistening with tears.Sweat glistened on his forehead.+ adj. The road glistened wet after the rain.


14. curfew

a law which says that people must not go outside after a particular time at night until the morning; the time after which nobody must go outsideThe army imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew.You must get home before curfew.


15. lamp post

a tall post in the street with a lamp at the topThe car skidded and hit a lamp post.


16. opperative


  • ready to be used; in usesynonym functionalThis law becomes operative immediately.The station will be fully operative again in agreement/an accord/a proposal/a tax/a rule/an amendment/an act becomes operative