Normalisation of Life

MD/Doctoring my doctor's document





1. flush (これぐらい覚えとけという話)

[intransitive, transitive] (of a person or their face) to become red, especially because you are embarrassed, angry or hotShe flushed with anger.+ adj. Sam felt her cheeks flush red.flush something A rosy blush flushed her cheeks.


2. snare

snare something/somebody to catch something, especially an animal, in a snaresynonym trapto snare a rabbit(figurative) Her one thought was to snare a rich husband.(figurative) He found himself snared in a web of intrigue.There is to be a crackdown on the use of giant fishing nets that snare dolphins.


3. all thumbs

be all (fingers and) thumbs

to be awkward with your hands so that you drop things or are unable to do something


4. pinch pennies

pinch pennies

(informal) to try to spend as little money as possible


5. squash

[transitive] to press something so that it becomes soft, damaged or flat, or changes shapesquash something/somebody The tomatoes at the bottom of the bag had been squashed.Move up—you’re squashing me!squash something against something He squashed his nose against the window.squash something + adj. Squash your cans flat before recycling.


6. topsy-turvy

in a state of great confusionEverything's topsy-turvy in my life at the moment.Her books take you into a topsy-turvy world where you can be sure of nothing.


7. cook up

cook somethingup

(informal) to invent something, especially in order to trick somebody

to cook up a story


8. peanuts

peanuts [plural] (informal) a very small amount of moneyI won’t work for peanuts.He gets paid peanuts for doing that job.


9. spill the beans

spill the beans

(informal) to tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private


10. gloss over

gloss over something

to avoid talking about something unpleasant or embarrassing by not dealing with it in detailto gloss over a problemHe glossed over any splits in the party.


11. on somebody's hands

on your hands

if you have somebody/something on your hands, you are responsible for them or itLet me take care of the invitations—you've enough on your hands with the caterers.They’ll have a fight on their hands if they want to close down the school.


12. size up

size up somebody


size up something


size somebody up


size something up

(informal) to form a judgement or an opinion about somebody/somethingsynonym sum upShe knew that he was looking at her, sizing her up.He sized up the situation very quickly.


13. keep a stiff upper lip

(keep) a stiff upper lip

to keep calm and hide your feelings when you are in pain or in a difficult situationHe was taught to keep a stiff upper lip and never to cry in public.Their reaction contrasts sharply with the stiff upper lip of the English.


14. get one's goat

get somebody’s goat

(informal) to annoy somebody very much


15. flop

(informal) a film/movie, play, party, etc. that is not successfulopposite hita box-office flopThe share sale has been a flop with investors.The show was the biggest flop in TV history.


16. lay-off

an act of making people unemployed because there is no more work left for them to dolay-offs in the factory


17. jest

[intransitive, transitive] jest (about something) + speech (formal or humorous) to say things that are not serious or true, especially in order to make somebody laugh

Would I jest about such a thing?


in jest

as a jokeThe remark was made half in jest.‘Many a true word is spoken in jest,’ thought Rosie (= people often say things as a joke that are actually true).


18. evade

evade (doing) something to escape from somebody/something or avoid meeting somebodyFor two weeks they evaded the press.He managed to evade capture.


19. pang

a sudden strong feeling of physical or emotional painhunger pangs/pangs of hungera sudden pang of jealousyShe looked at Susan and saw with a pang how tired and frail she seemed.


20. passable

fairly good but not excellentsynonym satisfactoryShe put on a passable imitation of a Scottish accent.He served a bottle of very passable claret with the meal.


21. peek

a quick and secret look at something that you should not be looking atsynonym peepI took a quick peek inside.


22. hoe

[transitive, intransitive] hoe (something) to break up soil, remove plants, etc. with a hoeto hoe the flower beds


23. hoot

[intransitive] to make a loud noiseHe had the audience hooting with laughter.Some people hooted in disgust.The crowd hooted and cheered.His friends all hooted with laughter.The car behind me hooted impatiently.


24. enrage

enrage somebody to make somebody very angrysynonym infuriateShe was enraged at his stupidity.The newspaper article enraged him.


25. automate

[usually passive] automate something to use machines and computers instead of people to do a job or taskThe entire manufacturing process has been automated.The factory is now fully automated.