Normalisation of Life

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1. level-headed

calm and sensible; able to make good decisions even in difficult situationsThis position requires a level-headed person with experience in managing risk.


2. teke it out on

take it out on somebody


take something out on somebody

to behave in an unpleasant way towards somebody because you feel angry, disappointed, etc., although it is not their fault

OK, so you had a bad day. Don't take it out on me.She tended to take her frustrations out on her family.


3. take a dim view of

take a dim view of somebody/something

to disapprove of somebody/something; to not have a good opinion of somebody/something

She took a dim view of my suggestion.


4. cut out

be cut out for something


be cut out to be something

(informal) to have the qualities and abilities needed for somethingHe's not cut out for teaching.He's not cut out to be a teacher.



5. swing one's weight

To use your personal power to get something done * /The President swings his weight to get laws passed./ * /Mr. Thomas swung his weight to get his son a job with the company./


6. do something up brown

to do something just right or with great effect.(Fixed order.) Whenever they put on a party, they do it up brown. He was determined to cause a scandal,and he really did it up brown.


7. give somebody a piece of mind

give somebody a piece of your mind

(informal) to tell somebody that you disapprove of their behaviour or are angry with them


8. take one's medicine

  1. . to accept a deserved punishment

9. efficacy

the ability of something to produce the results that are wantedsynonym effectivenessto evaluate the efficacy and safety of the treatment


10. drawback

drawback (of/to something) drawback (of/to doing something) a disadvantage or problem that makes something a less attractive ideasynonym disadvantage, snagThe main drawback to it is the cost.This is the one major drawback of the new system.


11. turn the tables on

turn the tables (on somebody)

to change a situation so that you are now in a stronger position than the person who used to be in a stronger position than you


12. put one's best foot forward

put your best foot forward

to make a great effort to do something, especially if it is difficult or you are feeling tired


13. take something to heart

to be very upset by something that somebody says or doesYou shouldn’t take everything he says to heart.


14. have it out

have something out (with somebody)

to try to settle a disagreement by discussing or arguing about it openlyI need to have it out with her once and for all.


15. (right) up/down one's alley

(right) up your alley

(North American English)(especially British English (right) up your street)(informal) very suitable for you because it is something that you know a lot about or are very interested inA teaching job would be right up her alley.


16. elastic

1. able to stretch and return to its original size and shapeelastic materials

2. that can change or be changedThe demand for the product is elastic.Our plans are fairly elastic.


17. canon

(formal) a generally accepted rule, standard or principle by which something is judgedthe canons of good tastemarket sovereignty, the central canon of Thatcherism


18. over the hill

over the hill

(informal) (of a person) old and therefore no longer useful or attractiveYoungsters seem to think you're over the hill at 40!


19. segregation

the act or policy of separating people of different races, religions or sexes and treating them in a different wayracial/religious segregationsegregation by age and sex


20. deploy

1. deploy somebody/something (specialist) to move soldiers or weapons into a position where they are ready for military action2 000 troops were deployed in the area.At least 5 000 missiles were deployed along the border.Tanks were deployed effectively during the long campaign.


2. deploy something (formal) to use something effectivelyto deploy arguments/resourcesShe rejected the arguments that had been deployed against her.


21. communal

shared by, or for the use of, a number of people, especially people who live togethersynonym shareda communal kitchen/garden, etc.As a student he tried communal living for a few years.


22. pretty penny

a pretty penny

(old-fashioned) a lot of moneyI bet that cost you a pretty penny.


23. clean up

clean up

(informal) to win or make a lot of moneyThis film should clean up at the box offices.


24. zero in on 

to fix all your attention on the person or thing mentionedThey zeroed in on the key issues.


25. harness

harness something to control and use the force or strength of something to produce power or to achieve somethingattempts to harness the sun’s rays as a source of energyWe must harness the skill and creativity of our workforce.How can this energy be harnessed effectively for the good of humankind?They are attempting to harness the power of the sun.