Normalisation of Life

MD/Doctoring my doctor's document




1. bleak

(of a situation) not encouraging or giving any reason to have hopea bleak outlook/prospectThe future looks bleak for the fishing industry.The medical prognosis was bleak.They faced a financially bleak Christmas.


2. bog

[countable, uncountable] (an area of) wet soft ground, formed of decaying plantsa peat bogsee also boggy


3. set somebody back

set somebody back something

[no passive] (informal) to cost somebody a particular amount of moneyThe repairs could set you back over £200.


4. at large

at large
(used after a noun) as a whole; in general
the opinion of the public at large
(of a dangerous person or animal) not captured; free
Her killer is still at large.
5. off the top of sb's head
off the top of your head
(informal) just guessing or using your memory, without taking time to think carefully or check the factsI can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I can look it up for you.
6. field day=sports day
a special day at school when there are no classes and children compete in sports events
7. founder
intransitive] founder (on something) (of a plan, etc.) to fail because of a particular problem or difficultyThe project foundered after problems with funding.The peace talks foundered on a basic lack of trust.The venture might easily founder for want of capital to finance expansion.
8. have a crush on

have a case on

Also, have a crush on. Be infatuated with someone, as in He's had a case on her for years, or Teenage girls often have a crush on this teacher.


9. talk turkey

talk turkey

(informal, especially North American English) to talk about something seriously


10. pull off

pull somethingoff

(informal) to succeed in doing something difficultWe pulled off the deal.I never thought you'd pull it off.


11. gatecrasher

a person who goes to a party or social event without being invited


12. on the move

be on the move
to be travelling from place to place
13. top dog
a person, group or country that is better than all the others, especially in a situation that involves competition
14.  make/lose money hand over fistto make/lose money very fast and in large quantities
15. level-headed
calm and sensible; able to make good decisions even in difficult situationsThis position requires a level-headed person with experience in managing risk.
16. champion
champion something to fight for or speak in support of a group of people or a beliefHe has always championed the cause of gay rights.A local trust has been set up to champion the restoration of the landscape.
17.  bourgeois
1. a person who belongs to the middle classThe hat identified him as a bourgeois.
2. (disapproving) a person who is interested mainly in possessions and social status and supporting traditional valuesI'd forgotten what a bourgeois you are.
18. chalk up

chalk up something

(informal) to achieve or record a success, points in a game, etc.

 The team chalked up their tenth win this season.As a Hollywood actor he has chalked up a number of box-office successes.They will have chalked up 40 years of marriage this summer.

19. rigrous

demanding that particular rules, processes, etc. are strictly followedsynonym strictThe work failed to meet their rigorous standards.They may benefit from the rigorous application of competition policy.