Normalisation of Life

MD/Doctoring my doctor's document


        Writing something in English is a tough task for intermediate learners like me.


  When I try to express something in English, there arise thick walls difficult to demolish. Lack of vocabulary, Confusion in usage of words, intense scrutiny from others. Surrounded by these walls, I get stuck for words in English. And so far, I've been letting it slide. I mean, I've given up writing anything down in English.

        At the same time, however, I noticed that, if I continued to leave me as I was, my command of English kept getting poor. It isn't what I want. What I yearn for is a perfect control over English (of course, it's impossible). Therefore I've decided to sometimes blog in English.

        It is, however, difficult to do articles only based on my thoughts about everyday life. I'm so hollow (citation: Good-bye My Lover). Joking. But basically everybody's life isn't full of what could make good copy for writings, is it? At least that is the case for me. So I have to search for a news item to comment on.

        Candidates are two. Top news of the day on some news websites (BBC, NYT, the Japan Times...) and editorial. And I took the former just before finishing writing the first two paragraphs of this article. But I realized that it's not easy to make a comment on the news that just reports facts of something like the following.

Two more Cabinet ministers ensnared in money scandals | The Japan Times


        True, I COULD state some opinions on this, but since I'm not knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, it will take a lot of time to make mention of articles without sort of claims. 

        Then, what should I do to make it easier to say something in English? And, in fact, I've already come up with an idea. "OK, my ability developed in university life is to refute what someone said (not to complain about it), so I pick up an editorial that contains the author's opinion or interpretation of news. And I will try to refute it."