Normalisation of Life

MD/Doctoring my doctor's document


Today is a day you won't be able to enjoy tomorrow 



1. pad the bill

to put unnecessary or additional items on a bill to make the total cost higher.

The plumber had padded the bill with things we didn't need.

2. put a bug in one's year

Informal To impart useful information to (another) in a subtle, discreet way.

3. put up a good front

pretend to be happy, fool people about one`s status

He always puts up a good front but actually he is very unhappy.

4. put/lay one's cards on the table

to be honest about your feelings and intentions:I thought it was time I laid my cards on the table, so I told him that I had no intention of marrying him.

5. on the quiet

without telling anyonesynonym secretlyHe’d been meeting her on the quiet.


6. static

not moving, changing or developingThe balance sheet provides a static picture of the financial position at a point in time.Prices on the stock market, which have been static, are now rising again.


7. to boot

(old-fashioned or humorous) used to add a comment to something that you have saidHe was a vegetarian, and a fussy one to boot.

8. take sb's name in vain

to criticize someone or talk about someone without respect, especially when they are not there

Did I hear someone taking my name in vain?

9.  run around with

(usually disapproving) to spend a lot of time with somebody



10. So help me.

I so pledge and vow in God's name. I will do it. I really will, so help me, God!

Also, so help me God. I swear that what I am saying is true, as in So help me, I haven't enough cash to pay for the tickets, or I wasn't there, so helpme God . This idiom became a formula for swearing a formal oath and is still so used in courts of law for swearing in a witness ( I swear to tell the truth,the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God ). It was first recorded in 1508 as "So help me, our Lord.

I swear~のくだりは時々ドラマなどで見る

11. den

the hidden home of some types of wild animal

a bear’s/lion’s den

12. take/get one's mind off

to stop you from worrying or thinking about a problemor pain, often by forcing you to think about other things:The good thing about running is that it takes my mind off any problems I have.

13. dug up

to discover information about somebody/somethingsynonym unearthTabloid newspapers love to dig up scandal.


14. fix someone's wagon

(idiomatic) To cause injury, distress, or inconvenience to someone, especially as punishment or as a comeuppance.


15. make A of somebody/something

ˈmake something of somebody


ˈmake something of something

to understand the meaning or character of somebody/somethingWhat do you make of it all?I can't make anything of this note.I don't know what to make of (= think of) the new manager.


16. defiance

open refusal to obey somebody/somethinga look/an act/a gesture of defianceNuclear testing was resumed in defiance of an international ban.

17. lash

[intransitive, transitive] to hit somebody/something with great forcesynonym pound+ adv./prep. The rain lashed at the windows.Branches lashed at my face.lash something Huge waves lashed the shore.

The subject of lash is often rain, wind, hail, sea or waves.

2. lash somebody/something to criticize somebody/something in a very angry way


18. crisp

(of food) (also crispy) pleasantly hard and dry


19. stall

a table or small shop with an open front that people sell things from, especially at a marketsynonym standa market stallThey have a fish stall on the market.Drinks were being sold from makeshift stalls at the side of the road.


20 loom

to appear as a large shape that is not clear, especially in a frightening or threatening wayA dark shape loomed up ahead of us.


21. haven

a place that is safe and peaceful where people or animals are protectedThe hotel is a haven of peace and tranquility.The river banks are a haven for wildlife.The camp offers a haven to refugees.

Tax havenは知ってた.


22. rash

(of people or their actions) doing something that may not be sensible without first thinking about the possible results; done in this waysynonym recklessa rash young manrash (to do something) It would be rash to assume that everyone will agree with you on this.



23. solirarity

support by one person or group of people for another because they share feelings, opinions, aims, solidaritysolidarity with somebody to express/show solidarity with somebody


24. be/go against the ˈgrain

to be or do something different from what is normal or naturalIt really goes against the grain to have to work on a Sunday.


25. opt

to choose to take or not to take a particular course of actionopt for/against something After graduating she opted for a career in music.After a lot of thought, I opted against buying a motorbike.opt to do something Many workers opted to leave their jobs rather than take a pay cut.


26. pie in the sky

(informal) an event that somebody talks about that seems very unlikely to happenThis talk of moving to Australia is all just pie in the sky.