Normalisation of Life

MD/Doctoring my doctor's document





1. stick around

(informal) to stay in a place, waiting for something to happen or for somebody to arriveStick around; we'll need you to help us later.


2. beckon

[intransitive, transitive] to give somebody a signal using your finger or hand, especially to tell them to move nearer or to follow you


3. honk

the noise made by a car horn



4. cramp

[uncountable, countable] (North American English also ˈcharley horse) a sudden pain that you get when the muscles in a particular part of your body contract, usually caused by cold or too much exercise



5. in the chips

Fig. wealthy; having lots of money. (Having lots of gambling chips.) I'm in the chips this month.


6. a flash in the pan

a sudden success that lasts only a short time and is not likely to be repeatedHe needed to prove that his success was not just a flash in the pan.


7. turmoil

a state of great anxiety and confusionemotional/mental/political turmoilHis statement threw the court into turmoil.



8. calling

a strong desire or feeling of duty to do a particular job, especially one in which you help other people

He realized that his calling was to preach the gospel.



9. hoard

[intransitive, transitive] hoard (something) to collect and keep large amounts of food, money, etc., especially secretly

He had the habit of hoarding newspaper cuttings that interested him.


10. gourmet

(of food, wine, etc.) of high quality and often expensive; connected with food or wine of this typegourmet food/coffee/chef/shop

noun a person who knows a lot about good food and wines and who enjoys choosing, eating and drinking them



11. go the whole ˈhog

(informal) to do something thoroughly or completely


12. conceit

[uncountable] (disapproving) too much pride in yourself and what you do



13. marginal

i) small and not important

a marginal improvement in weather conditions

ii) not part of a main or important group or situationmarginal groups in society


14. petty

[usually before noun] small and unimportantsynonym minorpetty squabblespetty crime/theft (= that is not very serious)a petty criminal/thiefa petty bureaucrat/official (= who does not have much power or authority, although they might pretend to)


15. scorn

a strong feeling that somebody/something is stupid or not good enough, usually shown by the way you speaksynonym contempt

Her fellow teachers greeted her proposal with scorn.


16 provincial

unwilling to consider new or different ideas or things

In spite of his education and travels, he has remained very provincial.



17. nag

to keep complaining to somebody about their behaviour or keep asking them to do somethingsynonym pesternag (at somebody) Stop nagging—I'll do it as soon as I can.nag somebody (to do something) She had been nagging him to paint the fence.

18. shell out

shell ˈout (for something)


ˌshell somethingˈout (for something)

(informal) to pay a lot of money for somethingsynonym fork out (for something)The band shelled out $100 000 for a mobile recording studio.


19. figure on

ˈfigure on something


ˈfigure on doing something


ˈfigure on somebody doing something


ˈfigure on something doing something

to plan something or to do something; to expect something (to happen)synonym planI hadn't figured on getting home so late.


20 . be hard put (to it)

[USUALLY WITH INFINITIVE] Find it very difficult:you’ll be hard put to find a better compromise


21 have half a mind to do

have a good mind to do something, have half a mind to do something
1. used to say that you think you will do something, although you are not sure
  • I've half a mind to come with you tomorrow.

2. used to say that you disapprove of what somebody has done and should do something about it, although you probably will notI've a good mind to write and tell your parents about it.